Can my OB-GYN Help Me Get Pregnant?

OB-GYNs are great, but REIs specialize in helping you get pregnant. In fact, an OB-GYN might even refer you to an REI if you’ve been trying to conceive for a certain amount of time without success.

What does an OB-GYN do?

OB-GYN refers to the two fields of obstetrics and gynecology, so most people use the abbreviation OB-GYN to refer to their obstetrician and gynecologist. Gynecologists specialize in women’s health and generally treat medical and surgical conditions associated with female anatomy. Obstetricians care for you during pre-conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and immediately after delivery. An OB-GYN does all these things. This doctor prescribes birth control and sees you through childbirth and menopause. This person also screens for cancer, treats infections, and does some surgeries.

And what about an REI?

REI stands for reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Doctors who work in REI train in the medical and surgical treatment of issues dealing with a woman’s reproductive tract and conditions causing infertility. REI specialists are skilled in helping women who are struggling to get pregnant. REI specialists work with genetic counselors and dietitians to help couples achieve their dream of having a child.

Who is better when trying to get pregnant: OB-GYN or REI?

An obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) is therefore a physician who both delivers babies and treats diseases of the female reproductive organs. They can prescribe birth control and guide you through menopause. Some of the OB-GYN doctors will be comfortable providing initial screening, diagnostics, and treatment for ovulation disorders and other infertility issues. Most, however, do not have the advanced training that the reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI) specialists do and will not be able to provide thorough workup and treatment recommendations.

REI specialists have the advanced training to provide medical and surgical treatment of reproductive tract and endocrine system conditions that affect fertility. REI providers focus holistically on both partners and can address issues affecting fertility for both men and women. They are also more able to help if you have a complicated reproductive history or need more advanced treatment than your OB-GYN can provide.

When should I see an REI?

Typically, if you are being treated for fertility issues with your OB-GYN, you should be seeking REI consultation if no success in 6-12 months (depending on your individual circumstances). REIs are also more helpful if you have a history of miscarriages.

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