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Infertility has many underlying and hidden causes. Our board certified fertility doctors are only trained to deal with the reproductive system thus you may need other professionals to assist. This page contains a list of resources from outside of Fertility Cloud designed to help in your fertility journey.

Mental health when trying to get pregnant

Mental Health

Trying to conceive can be exhausting on your mental health. Cerebral provides best-in-class treatment options for mental and behavioral health for individuals and couples going through fertility treatments.
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Carrier Screening logo

Carrier Screening

Natera’s Horizon Carrier Screening, which is a type of genetic test that can tell you whether you carry a gene for certain genetic disorders. The test is a bloodwork administered by Natera and is most likely covered by your medical insurance. For our patients, we will submit an online order and you can find out all the details (locations, exact costs, screened conditions, etc) directly from the company.
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Fertility vitamins


Theralogix nutritional supplements are based on the most current published scientific evidence, and all formulations are overseen by a Medical Advisory Board. There is evidence that oxidative stress can affect fertility by affecting the health of the sperm and the egg. Specifically formulated and balanced vitamin supplements can improve your chances of getting pregnant. We are happy to provide a discount code for purchasing Theralogix products.
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