Fertility Doctor

We have developed a revolutionary at-home fertility clinic with comprehensive services for couples, and single men and women. You can now obtain consultation and treatment from Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists and Infertility specialists from your computer, tablet or phone.

After your consultation, our physicians may recommend additional at-home testing and send treatment directly to your door. Our physicians will monitor your treatment and provide ongoing care. You are in good hands.

How it works

Our Advantages


Receive consultation, evaluation and treatment without the lengthy referrals, commutes and prolonged waiting in busy and unpleasant clinics. Obtain your care via video calls with US Board Certified Reproductive Medicine Specialists.

In-home Testing

We will send you kits for hormone and sperm testing for collection in the privacy of your home. Once collected, simply return the kit to us. No need to travel to a lab or medical facility.

Medication Delivery

Following the initial consultation, our doctor may write you a prescription which will be delivered to your home. No need to drive and wait at the local pharmacy.

Transparent Pricing

You will know our prices upfront and can select the plan fitting your budget and needs. We will save you from insurance headaches and unexpected medical bills.

2000+ Happy Patients
600+ Pregnancies
300+ Healthy Babies


30 min Fertility Consultation with a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist

You and a doctor will review reproductive history for both partners, assess test results and recommend a comprehensive treatment plan.

Why Choose Fertility Cloud?


We know how you feel. Before we embarked on the mission to bring fertility services to the comfort of your home, we've experienced firsthand the angst and stress of not knowing what our options are. We did spend hours waiting for medical appointments at doctors’ offices, wondering - how much will it cost? Many of us had to go through the embarrassment of walking around the doctor's office with a sperm container and wondering if anyone is judging. This doesn't have to happen anymore. Meet Fertility Cloud


All our appointments are conducted using live video calls from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Schedule the appointment at your convenience. Each consultation takes 30 minutes and your treatment will be monitored for up to three months. Get all the answers about your fertility options and the state of your reproductive health. Now just imagine what you can do with all the time we have saved you.


We know how hard it is to find a good doctor, especially conveniently located to you. We handpicked the best specialists in the field of reproductive endocrinology who are actively practicing and teaching at the most prestigious hospitals. All our doctors are board-certified and licensed in your state. Fertility Cloud brings these experts to you via modern technology.


Speaking to a good doctor is not enough, because even the best doctors rely on lab results to help diagnose and treat medical conditions. After your consultation, our doctors may order at-home testing kits to evaluate your fertility hormones, fallopian tubes, and sperm count. They may also prescribe medications that will be sent directly to you. Obtain the samples in the morning and ship back to us before noon with one-day delivery shipping (all included in the price).


Most people agree that the healthcare system in the US needs improvement, this is why we make sure you understand all the options upfront and there are no hidden charges or dealing with insurance medical claims and bills. If you are not sure about something, just ask us, and our knowledgeable medical personnel will answer all your questions.

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