Hear from our happy patients

Sarah Purvis


"Fertility Cloud was a great support to me in my journey to get pregnant with my second child. I struggled with loss and was met with kindness and support that I wasn't able to find with any of my other Drs. After working with fertility cloud and being prescribed progesterone I was able to get and stay pregnant after two subsequent losses prior. I would recommend fertility cloud to anyone in a similar struggle! So grateful to have found them!" .... Read more

Charity Workman


"He is the best doctor I’ve ever talked to! Prescribed me progesterone and letrozole and I got my pregnant my first round! I will anyways be thankful for fertility cloud!" .... Read more

Lauren Wertsching


"Very easy process! Provided my Proov test results and was given easy directions afterwards. We got pregnant my first cycle afterwards! Dr. Levy was very friendly and professional." .... Read more

Miranda Lemay


"Dr. Levy was awesome to work with. He listened to my concerns and was extremely helpful getting right on the tests and medications I needed. The medicine was delivered quickly to my door. They were quick to respond to any emails I have during the process and checked in on me. We were able to get pregnant in 6 months with fertility clouds help. I have low ovarian reserve, weak ovulation, hypothyroidism, & low progesterone. My previous pregnancy took 13 months to conceive and 2 miscarriages during that time without fertility cloud. I’m so thankful Dr. Levy was able to help me avoid that heartbreak this time. Forever grateful!" .... Read more

Glory Castleberry


"I've never felt so heard as i have been by Dr. Levy and the team at Fertility Cloud! They help make sure I get what I need and have answered questions that no other obgyn has been able to. I conceived on my first cycle after receiving progesterone from them on my 3rd cycle of clomid after 18 months of trying. I only wish i found Fertility Cloud sooner!" .... Read more