What Are The Options to Avoid IVF?

This post is related to those who is not in IVF-only group.

What if you are not ready for IVF? Whether for financial, logistical, ethical reasons, or you just don’t want to do it for some other reason. What can you do to optimize your treatment either naturally or with medical management?

🔹Lifestyle interventions to improve fertility
• Diet. The diet that is mostly associated with the success of either intervention of spontaneous pregnancies is the Mediterranean diet.
• Exercise – women who recreationally exercise 30-40 mins a day have a higher chance of pregnancy.
• Tobacco/Alcohol. It is toxic to the eggs.
• Sugar Overconsumption. It can cause inflammation as well as problems with embryo and uterine interaction.
• Antioxidants/Supplements. Can enhance lifestyle interactions to make you more successful.

🔹Medications for ovarian stimulation
• Continuing with treatment
• Hormones to support early pregnancy
• Surgery

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