Fertility Treatments Should not be a Privilege

It is not uncommon for couples to run fundraising campaigns and/or take on a significant financial burden just to undergo fertility treatment
While the journey for those people who are struggling with fertility may begin with unrecognized health problems, it may continue with difficulties in obtaining services that often are not covered by health insurance.

There are multiple reasons why some couples have problems conceiving or carrying a child. This pathology is best evaluated and diagnosed by fertility reproductive specialists. Unfortunately, access to reproductive endocrinologists (REIs) specifically trained to evaluate and manage reproductive conditions is limited.
Like in most other diseases, early diagnosis and treatment can drastically reduce both financial and emotional burdens while improving positive outcomes. So how can you access high-quality fertility care without imposing financial burdens on yourself?

While technology can certainly help and improve the odds of conception, only an REI specialist can diagnose and prescribe medical treatment. And only telehealth is uniquely equipped to provide access to specialty doctors for underprivileged societal groups who otherwise lack access to highly specialized care.

Conducting video calls with doctors has become the de-facto option for many during the current Covid-19 pandemic that canceled all non-urgent medical procedures as an effort to control the virus spread. Also, talking to a reproductive endocrinologist regardless of a patient’s location can be a life (literally) saver to some. Moreover, doing it without spending hours traveling and waiting can motivate and encourage many to seek early treatment.

Combining REI doctor video consultations with at-home kits that test for underlying reproductive issues can provide much-needed health care for the millions who are priced and placed out of something very essential for our society — reproductive justice and life continuation.

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