Do you really have an unexplained infertility diagnosis?

Many patients come to us saying that they have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility earlier. However, the majority of them end up having another diagnosis.

An unexplained infertility diagnosis may be set after the following tests have been performed:

✅There are no serious uterine fertility issues (Evaluated with a hysteroscopy.)
✅You are ovulating regularly (Evaluated with ovulation home kits)
✅Your fallopian tubes are open and healthy. (Evaluated with an HSG.)
✅Your ovarian reserves are good. (Evaluated with blood work and/or an antral follicle count.)
✅Your partner’s semen analysis is normal (Evaluated with semen analysis, including total count, sperm movement, and sperm shape.)
✅Assessment of ovarian reserve, imaging to assess for tubal and uterine factors, transvaginal ultrasound, etc.

We make sure you don’t get treated from a wrong diagnosis🌸